Sandstrom Military Specified Coatings

The following products are included on the Qualified Products List for Military and Aerospace agencies.

Each batch undergoes full conformance testing for conformance to the listed specification.

PDF 9A – AS5272C Type II – Formerly MIL-L-46010 Type II (PDF – 26KB)
Heat Curing solid film lubricant – 9A is the original product developed for the military for weapons support. It offers superior wear life, corrosion protection and chemical/fluid resistance.

PDF 099 – AS5272C Type III – MIL-PRF-46010G – Formerly MIL-L-46010 Type III (PDF – 29KB)

Waterborne Heat Curing solid film lubricant – 099 is a waterborne, lead-free offset to our 9A. Both products provide unsurpassed wear life, corrosion protection and chemical/fluid resistance.

PDF LC-300 – AS5272C Type I – Formerly MIL-L-46010 Type I & MIL-L-8937 (PDF – 27KB)
Heat Curing solid film lubricant – LC-300 cures with a lower temperature than our 9A, making it ideal for use where a 400F bake schedule would be detrimental to parts. LC-300 offers long wear life along with excellent corrosion protection and chemical/fluid resistance.

PDF 28A – MIL-PRF 46147D (PDF – 35KB) – Newest lead and antimony-free technology
Air Dry solid film lubricant used for parts too large to be baked or parts that cannot be subjected to bake schedules of 9A, 099 and LC-300. Ideal for field touch-up of parts originally coated with 9A, 099 and LC-300.

PDF Hi-T 650 – PWA550U (PDF – 15KB)
Versatile Air Dry or Heat Curing solid film lubricant offers higher operational temperatures.

PDF #329 – MIL-PRF-81329D (PDF – 26KB)
Heat Curing solid film lubricant for extreme environments (orbital satellites and space vehicles).

PDF #103 (PDF – 13KB)
Moly/PTFE lubricant provides unique wear properties, exceptional chemical/fluid resistance and corrosion protection over all metals.

What Are Some of Our Sandstrom Technologies?

  • Mil-Spec Coatings
  • Heat Cured Coatings
  • Air Dry Coatings

MIL-SPEC Coatings

For Sandstrom mil-spec coatings, SAE, and Aerospace requirements, Sandstrom Coating Technologies is a recognized leader in the manufacture of QPL coatings for an array of approved dry- or solid film lubricants, heat cure, and air dry, including the latest technology in waterborne and lead-free products.

  • MIL-SPEC Coating Services Include
    ● MIL-L-23398 Types I and II
    ● MIL-PRF-46147 Type I
    ● NATO Code S-749
    ● MIL-L-46010 Type I
    ● MIL-PRF-46010 Color 1 (Color 2 is not available by any manufacturer.)
    ● MIL-L-46010 Type I, II
    ● MIL-PRF-81329
    ● SAE AS5272 Type I
    ● SAE AS5272 Type II
    ● SAE AS5272 Type III
    Sandstrom mil-spec Coating Technologies is lacquer-like thin films containing lubricating powders of PTFE, graphite, or molybdenum disulfide (MoS2). Using MoS2, their dry film lubricants prevent atmospheric and fretting corrosion, as well as galling or seizing. They are high load-carrying (exceeding 100,000 psi) and exhibit both low friction and long wear life while operating at temperatures from cryogenic to higher heat.
  • Heat Cured Coatings
    Heat-cured coatings from Sandstrom are virtually unaffected by corrosion, acids, oils, or degreasers. Additionally, once cured, they do not re-soften at elevated temperatures; their mechanical properties are retained. The materials are applied by spray, dip-spin, or brush and will adhere to metal surfaces properly cleaned with the specified pretreatment.
  • Air Dry Coatings
    When curing by heat is not an option, but the performance properties of a bonded dry film lubricant are still desirable, Sandstrom dry film lubricants are also available in air-dry. Note: Sandstrom heat-cured coatings are superior to their air-dry options.

    Sun Coating Company applies products manufactured by Sandstrom Coating Technologies. We offer the highest quality standards in North America, maintaining both IATF 16949:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 certifications. From prototype to production-scale quantities, you can be certain the coatings have been applied to manufacturer guidelines and in accordance with print specifications where applicable. We have all the top coatings from military coatings to standard Sandstrom coatings and more.

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