FDA Compliance Coatings



Dykor 200’s and 600’s are combinations of resins from the polyvinylident (PVDF) family and appropriate fillers, typically graphite and mica. When combined and applied in the area of 0.6mm/25mils, the system provides outstanding corrosion resistance. Dykor 700’s combine high molecular weight perfluoropolymers that are formulated in a waterborne system and can be applied to overall thickness of 1.8m/75 mils or even thicker. They offer excellent durability and release.


Eterna is unique technology in fluoropolymer composites that creates significant improvements in release properties greater than any individual fluoropolymer. In simple terms, 1 + 1=3!


Excalibur is not just a Fluoropolymer coating; it is a unique reinforced system. What makes it different from – and superior to – all conventional Fluoropolymer coatings is its remarkably superior resistance to wear and to all forms of abrasion. A patented stainless-steel alloy is the secret of Excalibur’s superior resistance to wear. Excalibur actually becomes part of the surface to which it is applied, offering the strength of stainless-steel with the low friction, release and corrosion resistance of the finest Fluoropolymer.


Eclipse is a three-coat, high cure, internally reinforced, nonstick system engineered to outlast other internally reinforced coatings. It is different from all other nonstick coatings in that the basecoat contains a carefully chosen and blended combination of resins and unusually hard materials, permitting a far higher percentage of special reinforcing elements than normal. The mid-coat, actually a basecoat used in other Whitford reinforced systems, also contains the special reinforcing elements, while the topcoat is rich in fluoropolymers, and is dedicated entirely to “release” (the nonstick characteristic).All tests show startling results. The toughest internally reinforced coating previously tested reached 20,000 cycles – while Eclipse has gone beyond 700,000 cycles.



PFA+ offers many advantages over other PFA powders. Here is a brief Summary of the improvements achieved. Superior Release, Great Scratch Resistance, Improved Surface Topography, Dramatic Reduction in Surface Defects, Superb Resistance to Permeation, Smoothness and Food-contact Compliant (FDA Approved).


QuanTanium is Whitford’s new nonstick that is reinforced with titanium to stand up to almost anything. Its remarkable combination of high strength and low density offers exceptionally favorable strength-to-weight ratios, which is the principal reason it found its way so quickly and successfully into high-tech industries such as Aerospace. Titanium is the lightest, toughest metal known to man, which makes it ideal for unusually demanding applications in many varied fields. Now titanium moves from aerospace to the common kitchen under the Quantum brand family of coatings from Whitford.


Quantum is Whitford’s name for our series of internally reinforced nonstick systems. It is a unique, high-release, high-wear and scratch-resistant coating for applications to cookware and other articles that are used for food preparation. Quantum is designed for surfaces which require nonstick properties and are subjected to abrasives and/or high wear. Quantum may be used on premium quality and gourmet cookware. An additional special Quantum formulation has been developed for application by coil coating methods. This formulation produces the toughest, most durable bakeware coating

Quantum 2

Quantum 2 is internally reinforced with a special blend of diverse ceramic materials. It provides a wider window of application tolerances and is more “user friendly”. While the adhesion remains outstanding, Quantum2 has a smoother surface appearance and has high gloss. In addition, this system has superb abrasion resistance and outstanding nonstick performance.


Xylac coatings are high-temperature decorative finishes for cookware and associated products, bridging the gap between acrylic paints and more expensive porcelain coatings while maintaining resistance to all household cleaner and dishwasher compounds. All are based on the organic polymers with outstanding high-temperature properties, unlimited colors, one-coat coverage, excellent gloss retention at elevated temperatures, adhesion to all metallic, flexible cure schedule (s), minimal surface preparation and high impact resistance.

Xylan HB

Xylan HB

Xylan HB has excellent release characteristics and is a good alternative to PFA powder. Because of its ability to form thick films, Xylan HB is ideal for applications that tend to have rough surfaces such as molds that have been recycled repeatedly, waffle irons or other rough surfaces. Due to it ability to be applied as a thick film, Xylan HB offers extended wear characteristics, simply as a result of the added durability afforded by the thicker film.

Xylan XLR

Xylan XLR a revolutionary fluoropolymer nonstick coating has been developed specifically to provide dry-film release with exceptional resistance to permeation. This heat-resistant coating offers greatly increased release-life as well as a reduced tendency for formed parts to stick to the mold, for food to stick to industrial bakeware, for polyethylene to stick to heat-sealing bars or other difficult applications where release is required.


Xylar coatings are a new generation of thin-film surface protection finishes, ideal for extending the lives of parts where environments are extremely hot, corrosive and/or abrasive.Based on an alloy of ceramic and metallic materials, Xylar forms thin, hard, high-temperature, stable, sacrificial Cermet barrier. In many cases, these coatings enable parts to be used in environments that would normally preclude their use. In others, they enable designers to replace expensive super alloys with less costly metals coated with Xylar. Top coats may be added to modify or improve the properties of the base coats, such as increasing corrosion resistance or decreasing coefficients of friction.

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