Ceramic Coatings are designed to protect both metal and non-metal substrates.

Cerakote High Temperature CoatingsAdditionally, the C-Series Ambient-Cure Ceramic Coatings are formulated to withstand extreme temperatures (~1200F) without discoloring. This makes the Cerakote Ceramic coatings ideal for exhausts, pistons, and other components for high-temperature systems.

Cure Ceramic coatings maintain excellent adhesion even after repeated thermal cycling. These coatings provide superior protection against corrosive environments and thermal shock. In addition to performance, the C-Series Ambient-Cure Ceramic products are designed for ease of application. Each product is VOC exempt and cures quickly at room temperature.

Cure Schedule (Ambient Temperature):
Tack free at 40 minutes
Dry after 24-hours
100% cure after 5 days

C-Series Ambient-Cure Ceramic Coatings are currently available in several metallic and nonmetallic finishes and different gloss levels. Visit www.nicindustries.com to view a complete color chart.

Cerakote thin film coatings and Cerakote Ceramic coatings are designed for outstanding protection from corrosion, abrasion, and heat for metals of all types. Their uniquely formulated inorganic ceramic technology provides hardness and adhesion, and unrivaled performance over typical high-temperature silicone coatings and other conventional ceramic coatings.

Why Cerakote High-Temperature Coatings?

For tight tolerance items impractical for thick paints, powder coating, and plasma spray―Cerakote high-temperature coatings are the solution: eight variations in ceramic technology, a variety of trending colors, added toughness and durability, resistance to abrasion, protection from heat, wear, and corrosion. Specialty coatings are available for a low coefficient of friction, self-lubrication of moving parts. Others include UV stability for outdoor exposure or managing extreme heat. Cerakote coatings are ideal for decorative or functional surfaces indoor or outdoor where aesthetics matter.

  • Benefits of Cerakote High-Temperature Coatings
    ●High Heat Resistance (available up to 1,800 F)
    ● Flexural strength
    ● Adherent to ferrous and non-ferrous metals
    ● Corrosion Resistant
    ● Protect from Abrasion
    ● Color Retention
  • Where is Cerakote Used?
    ●Oil and Gas
    ● Consumer Products
    ● Automotive
    ● Firearms
    ● Fasteners (Coastal and Offshore Environments)
    ● Industrial and Manufacturing
  • Adding Value to Your Business
    Since 1963 Sun Coating Company has been providing a vast selection of industrial coating services to companies in Michigan and throughout North America. We service myriad industries, manufacturers, and market segments, utilizing state-of-the-art products like Cerakote. We are experienced skilled professionals who take great pride in customer service. Learn more by contacting: sales@suncoating.com or 734-453-0822.

Cerakote Ceramic Coatings are Designed to Protect both Metal and Non-Metal Substrates

Whether it’s Cerakote ceramic coatings or Cerakote high-temperature coatings to protect parts products and more, Sun Coating Co. will get the job done with life-extending effects. Our coating services go beyond cerakote ceramic coatings and Cerakote high-temperature coatings. Check out a variety of coating services like automotive Teflon coating and more!

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