PDF 28A- MIL-PRF 46147D – Free of toxic heavy metals (PDF – 35KB)
Air Dry solid film lubricant used for parts too large to be baked or parts that cannot be subjected to bake schedules of 9A, 099 and LC-300. Ideal for field touch-up of parts originally coated with 9A, #099 and LC-300.

PDF Hi-T 650 – PWA550U (PDF – 15KB)
Versatile Air Dry or Heat Curing solid film lubricant offers higher operational temperatures.

PDF Poxylube #820 (PDF – 14KB)
PTFE. The unique chemistry of this lubricant offers long wear life under light loads along with good corrosion protection and chemical/fluid resistance.

PDF Poxylube #835 (PDF – 12KB)
VOC compliant PTFE

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