Cerakote™ – Liquid Ceramic Coatings

Cerakote™ products represent the lasts technology in ceramic coatings today.

These materials are vastly different in performance when compared to typical high-temperature silicone coatings. The unique backbone structure of Cerakote™ creates a dramatic increase in performance properties over other conventional ceramic coatings.

Cerakote™ maintains excellent bone strength even after exposure to extremely high temperatures. Other performance properties include high chemical and corrosion resistance, unmatched hardness and outstanding UV resistance. Uses include performance motorsports, industrial coating applications, firearms coatings, gas turbine engine coatings and decorative performance coatings.

All of Cerakote™ High Temperature Coatings are stable up to and over 1200°F and are offer in many different colors. Please use the link below to review colors and finishes.


To learn more about the Cerakote™ Ceramic Coatings, Firearm Coatings, and/or Test Results please click on the following icons for the appropriate brochure(s).

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