Sun Coating Company is certified to ISO-9001:2015.Quality Coatings

Sun Coating Company uses the latest universal coating and material property measurement system offer by Fischer Technology, Inc.

The Fischerscope® MMS-PC2 is a compact and extremely versatile desktop multi-function measuring system for non-destructive measurement, data archiving and measurement data processing applications. The MMS-PC2 evaluation software provides full SPC/SQC support capability. The Dualscope® FMP40 is a hand-held instrument with the capability to measure random organic coatings on non-ferrous metals and steel. Measurement data can be transferred to the Fischerscope® MMS-PC2 unit for data processing applications.

Mission Statement

Sun Coating Quality Service

We are dedicated to a business management philosophy that includes the use of a team effort to promote continuous improvement of quality. We are committed to excellence in all business functions.

Sun Coating Company and its Partners Mission is to achieve Total Customer Satisfaction by committing ourselves to Quality being our number one operating objective in all disciplines of our operation: Management, Human Resources, Quality, Productivity, Technology, Cost and Delivery within our organization.

We consider our Partners to be our greatest asset and will continue to provide job enrichment to them within a rewarding, safe ethical environment.

We look forward to hearing from you at or by phone. Also feel free to submit your requirements by using our online Coating Questionnaire Form. Please forward any Quality Question to or feel free to call us at 734-453-0822.

Conversion Chart

1 MICRON =>10.0010.00010.0000010.000039370.03937
1 MILLIMETER =>1,00010.10.0010.0393739.37
1 CENTIMETER =>10,0001010.010.3937393.7
1 METER =>1,000,0001,000100139.3739,370
1 INCH =>25,40025.402.540.025411,000
1 MIL =>25.400.02540.00250.00002540.0011

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