Reduce Noise & Friction With Molykote Coatings

High-performance Molykote® specialty lubricants from DuPont help reduce friction and wear, extend lubrication time and reduce maintenance and replacement costs in applications that would defeat conventional oils and greases.

Formulated to withstand the rigors of heavy loads, dirty, dusty or chemically harsh environments, and temperature and speed extremes, Molykote® lubricants are also ideal for normal service lubrication.

Molykote® are paint-like products. They contain, instead of a coloring pigment, sub-micron sized particles of solid lubricants dispersed through careful selected resin blends and solvents.

Important for the lubricating and corrosion protection properties are the choice of the right raw materials and the volume concentration of the lubricant content. In addition to greases and oils (or where possible, as replacement of those hydrodynamic lubricants) Molykote® Anti-Friction Coatings form a slippery film, which covers all surface roughness and thus protects against metal to metal friction even under extreme loads.

Molykote® is applied by conventional coating techniques: spray, dip/spin, dip and drain, tumbling, and silk screening. The periods for these coating to dry and cure are between 3 minutes air drying and 60 minutes for oven curing.

To learn more about the Molykote® Anti-Friction Coatings by DuPont, please click here.

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