whitfordCorrosion Resistance Coatings

Xylan Fluoropolymer coatings are the result of design engineering done several decades ago.

The first Fluoropolymer coatings were relatively soft films, the kind found on frying pans and a few non-stick applications in industry. A team of polymer chemists and engineers devised the matrix concept for coatings, “building” a coating to protect the soft Fluoropolymer from wear while taking advantage of its low-friction property.

Over the years, these self-lubricating materials have been used to solve a growing range of engineering and design problems. Today, Xylan is one of the largest and most complete lines of Fluoropolymer coatings in the world.

Sun Coating Company has applied Xylan to an ever-widening spectrum of applications, and we have learned a few things in the process. For instance:

A bonded, self-lubricating coating can last longer than hard chrome plating in certain wear applications.
Xylan can cut costs of secondary machining operation by eliminating the polishing and lapping processor.

Xylan can replace plating and have extended life in a wide range of corrosive atmospheres. A thin, continuous, protective barrier film will resist chipping, spilling, abrasion, cold flow, and extreme temperatures. Xylan Matrix coatings are adjustable. By judicious selection of compounds, Whitford can formulate a coating to have superior release, wear resistance, and chemical resistance.

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