ProductBaseSolventsTemp Range °CSpecial PropertiesTypical Applications
D 10GraphiteOrganic-70/+250Long-term wear resistanceTo help reduce piston and cylinder wall wear during break-in, and cold-starts
106MoS2Organic-70/+250High load-carrying capacity at low speedsLubricates bearing surfaces of linkages, gears, pistons, and valves
D-321RMoS2Organic-180/+450Air dry and cures at room temperatureLubricating splines, threaded connections
D-708PTFEOrganic-180/+240Metal/metal and metal/plastic lubricationAutomotive applications: safety belt components, door corrosion under low to medium loads locks, etc
3400AMoS2Organic-200/+430High loads, low speeds, mating surfacesCorrosion and lubrication for ferrous metal parts that are inaccessible for re-lubrication
D-7409MoS2Organic-70/+380High loads, outstanding resistance toCorrosion and lubrication protection for metal parts hydraulic fluids, oils and solvents
D-96PTFEWater-100/+100Eliminate stick-slip movement that typicallyClip type fasteners that are used on trim occurs between sliding metal/plastic pairings panels/bezels. that produce squeaking/noises.
3402-C LFMoS2/OxideOrganic-200/+310Air Cure, Excellent LubricityHigh Pressure & Wear Resistance
7400MoS2Water-70/+200High load - Low FrictionSliding Guides & Bearings, Gearboxes Run-In
D-6600PTFE/PEOrganic-40/+260Low Pressures Load CapacityLow Friction for Metal/Plastic Pairing
D-6927PTFEOrganic-60/+240Low Friction - High WearBrake Pads, Door, Springs, Locking Mechanisms
D-6818MoS2/Graphite/PTFEOrganic-60/+240High Load Carrying CapacityMachinery Parts, Pistons, Swash Plates
D-709PTFE/AlumOrganic-60/+240Medium Loads Carrying CapacityBrake Pads, Doors & Lock Mechanisms

DuPont and Sun Coating Company offer other Molykote® AF Coatings that do not appear in the list above.

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Molykote® Industrial Coatings by DuPont Molykote® Anti-Friction Coatings by DuPont

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