Manufacturers of battery enclosures, covers, and trays are moving away from metal stamping to SMC and injection molded plastics to reduce mass, create more efficient shapes, and add a variety of unique performance characteristics not attainable using metal.

Nonstick Coatings for Molds Used in the Manufacture of EV Battery Enclosures.

Whether polyester, epoxy, phenolic resins, and more, our nonstick coatings applied to molds used in the manufacture of EV battery enclosures offer exceptional performance. Release agents are no longer required. Productivity is increased. Downtime for cleaning is reduced. Additionally, because our nonstick coatings are non-transferrable, the surface characteristics of your EV battery enclosure, cover or tray will be unaffected for downstream operations or in its finished state.

Some of our coatings are used to effectively demold SMC and composite plastics of EV battery enclosures include:

  • Chemours Teflon®
  • Hard coat / Teflon® Interfusion
  • PPG – Whitford Xylan® Coatings Sunoloy®
  • Best Nonstick Sunology Coatings for SMC Battery Enclosure Molds
  • Teflon® coatings for SMC battery cover molds are recognized for their superior release (nonstick)

Additional Benefits Of EV Battery Molds

NON-STICK – The excellent release properties of Teflon® make the product the perfect choice for solving a variety of sticking issues. Whether your adherent is solid, semi-solid, or liquid, few materials will adhere permanently to its surfaces and are wiped clean.

LOW COEFFICIENT OF FRICTION – Friction is defined as the resistance or force that works against an object, and hinders its motion when two objects rub together. With a Teflon® industrial coating, the coefficient of friction is generally lowered to a range of 0.05 to 0.20, depending on load, sliding speed, a distance of travel, and surface geometry, among other system parameters. Adding dry lubrication to moving parts can be integral to protection from wear.

HEAT RESISTANCE – Select Teflon® fluoropolymer coatings can operate continuously at temperatures up to 500 degrees F (260 degrees C) with full retention of properties. This makes them suitable for use in a variety of high-heat environments or where operating surfaces become hot.

CRYOGENIC ENVIRONMENTS – Select Teflon® coatings can withstand temperatures as low as minus 454 degrees F without loss of physical properties. Their ability to withstand sub-freezing environments while retaining their surface characteristics makes Teflon® industrial coatings suitable for a variety of applications involving extreme cold.

CHEMICAL RESISTANCE – Most chemical corrosive environments do not affect a Teflon® fluoropolymer coating, the exceptions being molten alkali and the highly reactive fluorinating agents. Teflon® fluoropolymer coatings are chemically inserted. Their resistance to extreme corrosion is based on low porosity and resistance to permeation.

NON-WETTING – Teflon® nonstick coatings are both hydrophobic and oleophobic. They repel water or oil. The low adhesive force of the TeflonTM fluoropolymer coated surface allows easier and more thorough cleanup.

UNIQUE ELECTRICAL PROPERTIES – Over a wide range of frequencies, Teflon® coatings have dielectric strength, high surface resistivity, and a low dissipation factor of heat. Select coatings are made sufficiently electrically conductive for use in anti-static applications.

ABRASION RESISTANCE – Teflon® coatings resist scratching and abrasion, and display excellent durability and toughness. Surface scarring is minimal, especially in certain reinforced finishes.

FDA CONFORMING – Many Teflon® industrial coatings are approved for food contact by the Food and Drug Administration. These specific Teflon® coatings can be used for direct food contact according to the regulations of 21CFR. All types of Teflon® coatings have FDA-conforming options. Check a coating’s fact sheet to see if it is FDA-compliant.

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Consider Sun Coating Company your partner for customized finishes, and functional nonstick coatings used in molding SMC and Plastic Composite EV battery enclosures. Our team is here to assist with proven solutions for Sunoloy coatings for SMC battery enclosure molds, nonstick coatings for gluing assembly, and more. Contact us today.

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