Weld Spatter Resistant Coating

weld spatter resistant coatingOur Technologically Advanced Coating Solution Sunoloy® is designed to prevent and repel weld spatter. Our Sunoloy® Coating has a positive impact on reducing production cost and process speed, since the welding spatter does not stick to your tooling fixtures.

Weld spatter is a common nuisance encountered with welding automation. Droplets of molten metal formed at the welding arc are deposited onto the working surface causing minor annoyances to major obstacles in the production workflow. Sunoloy® weld spatter-resistant coatings offer a permanent alternative to the temporary, not always effective, self-applied pastes and spray-aerosols. 

Sunoloy® weld spatter-resistant coatings protect tooling, tables, and fixtures. Because weld spatters are non-adherent using Sunoloy®’s anti-spatter coatings, there is no need for grinding, air chiseling, or scraping-costly delays that can result in equipment damage, weld fixture replacement, and, potentially, worker injury.


Non-Stick/Excellent Release
Very Low Friction
Abrasion Resistance
Excellent Adhesion to all Metals

What are the benefits of Sunoloy® weld spatter-resistant coatings?

  • Lower costs of production. Quality fabrications and work safety 
  • Better fit-ups 
  • Reduce downtime, shorter intervals for cleaning and maintenance 
  • Prevent corrosion during storage
  • Protect weld fixtures and equipment for extended service life 
  • Non-migratory. Compatible with downstream painting operations 

Sunoloy®’s anti-spatter coatings are an investment in robotic welding, bringing savings through reduced downtime, longer intervals between maintenance, and lower costs of production for a safer, quality, more productive workplace. For other Sunoloy® coating services, anti-stick coating, Corrosion resistant coating, or more information about weld spatter-resistant coatings, contact Sun Coating Company.

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