StampingsSun Coating applies coatings to millions of stamped parts, varying in shapes and sizes, using a range of advanced techniques. Our engineering expertise and cutting-edge technology enable us to identify the optimal coating solution and process, ensuring complete customer satisfaction. Whether it’s achieving 100% coverage or implementing precise masking as required, we can meet your specifications with precision.




Type of Coatings We Offer: Teflon®-S, Xylan®, Molykote®, Sandstrom, RO-59/PTFE, CerakoteTM, Friction Fighter®, MoS2 and PTFE

Coating Specifications: All types of Automotive, MIL-SPEC and Aerospace

Coating Processes: Automatic Spray, Hand Spray, Spin Dip, Chain-on-Edge, Electrostatic Spray

Quality: Certified to ISO-9001:2105


Corrosion Resistance
Wear Resistance
Low Friction
Dry Film Lubrication
Noise Reduction
Prevent Galling and Fretting
High Temperature
Solid Film Lubricants
FDA Approved

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