Screw Machine PartsMillions of Screw Machine parts of all shapes and sizes are coated every year in an array of application techniques to assure total customer satisfaction. Sun Coating has the engineering and the latest technology to determine the right coating solution and process to meet your specification. We have the capabilities to coat parts with 100% coverage or design masking where needed.

Type of Coatings: Teflon®-S, Xylan®, Molykote®, Sandstrom, RO-59/PTFE, CerakoteTM, Friction Fighter®, MoS2 and PTFE

Coating Specifications: All types of Automotive, MIL-SPEC and Aerospace

Coating Processes: Automatic Spray, Hand Spray, Spin Dip, Chain-on-Edge, Electrostatic Spray

Quality: Certified to ISO-9001:2105


Corrosion Resistance
Wear Resistance
Low Friction
Dry Film Lubrication
Noise Reduction
Prevent Galling and Fretting
High Temperature
Solid Film Lubricants
Abrasion Resistance
FDA Approved

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