RacingSun Coating Company has the Engineering and Experience as we have been directly involved in NASCAR and Boat Racing (Stock and Modified Outboards, Inboards to Unlimited Hydro Planes) and we have won National Championships and have set many Competition World Records. We have used Fluoropolymer, MoS2 and Ceramic coatings on many different engine parts such as:

Automotive Engines: Oil Pans, Valve Springs, Cams, Rocker Arms, Valve Guides, Bearings, Exhaust Headers, NASCAR Transmission Gears, NASCAR Lug Nuts, Pistons Skirts and Piston Domes

Boat Racing:

Unlimited Hydro Planes: Turbine Compressors Halves, Turbine Blades, Turbine Compressor Blades, Turbine PT

Blades and Turbine Inlet Vanes

Outboards: Piston Skirts, Piston Domes, Exhaust Pipes, Bearings, Bearing Races and the Boats Bottoms


Oil Shedding
Wear Resistance
Dry Film Lubrication
Low Friction
High Temperature Resistance
Prevent Galling and Fretting
Thermal Barrier
Corrosion Resistance

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