Heat Seal Packaging Coatings

Coatings for the Packaging IndustrySun Coating Company provides one of the largest lines of coatings available for the packaging industry.

Our Sunoloy® coatings is a Proprietary Coating that offers process improvements, enhanced performance, and longer wear compared to other coating solutions. Sunoloy® Coating Solutions will exceed original equipment manufacturers coatings. In most cases, we are already working with your OEM to improve their equipment.

We currently coat heat sealing blades, heat sealing jaws, heat sealing plates, heat sealing heads, heat sealing blister pack packaging, fill tubes, shrink wrap machines, bagging machine, plastic forming equipment, thermoforming tooling, and hot plate welding.

Types of Coatings:

Chemours Teflon®:
Teflon® PFA
Teflon® FEP
Teflon® PTFE
Teflon® Ceramic Reinforced - 857 Lines
Teflon® One Coat Finishes - 420 Lines
Teflon® - S
Xylan® HB
Xylan® XL
Xylan® One coat Finishes - 8820, 8840 and 8848

Sunoloy® our Proprietary Coating Solutions

Hardcoat/Teflon® Interfusion
EN/Teflon® Interfusion


High Temperature Stability
Longer Wear
Easy Clean
Corrosion Resistance
Excellent Adhesion
Reduce Cycle Times
No Peeling of the Coating
FDA Approved
Improve Material Flow
Rockwell Hardness 62/70

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