FastenersNo fastener coating offers all of the advantages of Whitford’s Xylan® 5230, which is why the automotive big three (Daimler-Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors) have all specified it as an approved engineering material for their Fasteners.

Whitford’s New Xylan® 5430 (waterborne) is also specified by the automotive manufacturers. Whitford’s Xylan® 1424 and Chemours’s Teflon® 857N-018 are designed for application where anti-galling, corrosion resistance are vital in such industries as subsea application, chemical processing, and the waterworks industry.

Quality: Certified to ISO-9001:2105.


Dry Non-Oily
Resists Chipping
Resistance to all Auto Fluids
Uniform Torque/Tension Control
No Heavy Metals

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