To compete in a global economy, most areas of manufacture and industrial processing must find ways to make their products better, faster, and safer, while lowering costs of production. Many recognize that overcoming “sticking” is a way to achieve their bottom-line. But they resort to release agents which, at best, create a temporary “fix”. Quickly they discover release agents add considerable expense, labor, maintenance, and downtime. When not applied correctly, cleanup can be difficult, contribute to issues affecting quality and safety.

From automotive to aerospace, food processing to consumer packaging, adhesives, inks, and printing, plastics, rubber, and molding-nonstick coating brands such as Teflon™, Xylan®, and Sunoloy® eliminate release agents, while delivering long-lasting performance and a multitude of benefits.

Choosing the right PTFE, PFA, or FEP fluoropolymer-based coating for the job requires considerable knowledge, expertise, and the ability to fully understand the customer’s needs. This is the role of the coating service provider. Sun Coating Company, with its nearly sixty years in the industry, readily distinguishes itself by building lasting relationships with our customers, helping them achieve their goals.

Knowing what to look for in the end-use environment, the mechanics of use, is paramount to determining the ideal mold release coating, for example. Factors such as temperature, nature of the “sticky” adherent, allowance for coating thickness, type of substrate, sources for abrasion, and product appearance are just some of the considerations in coating selection.

What we have learned at Sun Coating is that surface attributes within a coating can be altered in measurable ways. The result is proprietary enhancements in surface and functionality not otherwise realized in areas such as thermoforming, two-shot or rotational molding, hot plate welding, laminating, heat sealing, and more.

Recently, a major cheese processing facility reached out to us. Their cutting blades, coated by a competitor, were not working as promised. After our visit, Sun Coating learned that, initially, the release worked, but performance dropped off rapidly on their high-speed line. Using a black light, Sun Coating discovered moisture in the cheese was preventing clean, precise cuts and was able to remedy the situation, provide the right properties and coating for the job.

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