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  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Anti-GraffitiAnti-Stick
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Dry Film Lubrication
  • FDA Compliance
  • Galling
  • High Temperature
  • Low Friction
  • Noise Reduction
  • Release
  • Wear Resistance
Quality CertificationsISO 9001:2015ISO/TS 16949:2016
Custom Industrial Fluoropolymer Coatings

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Sun Coating Company has over 50 years of expertise and experience servicing a diverse market representing many industry sectors. With a vast array of coatings ranging from Chemours Teflon's® and Whitford's complete line of coatings, we are here to help you choose the proper coating solution for your application. We offer the engineering, skilled production people to provide the latest technology and the highest quality (IATF:16949 and ISO 9001:2015) along with the service at an economical price. Sun Coating has the capabilities to coat very large parts, to the smallest of components. We can handle your coating needs for prototypes through full production. Advanced formula coatings are being tested and evaluated every day for a number of potential applications. Many prototype and custom applications have been pioneered at Sun Coating Company. While these and other coatings like our Proprietary Sunoloy® Coating Solutions are being processed at Sun Coating to meet the needs of our present customers, the testing and development of new coatings, techniques and processes for future applications goes on constantly. Concurrently, there is a continual review of our coating's performance in the field, and evaluation of that data to determine the areas for more improvement. To learn more about our Fluoropolymer coatings capabilities or if you would like us to create/develop a coating solution exclusively for you, using our Technologically Advanced Sunoloy® coating process please contact Sun Coating today.

Coatings Applied

  • Daikin - Polyflon
  • Daikin - Neoflon
  • ECL - Friction Fighter
  • Electroless Nickel / Teflon Interfusion
  • Excalibur
  • Fuchs - Gleitmo
  • Fuchs - Lubritesh
  • Hardcoat / Teflon Interfusion
  • Kluber Lubrication - Kluertop
  • NIC Industries - Cerakote
  • Nylon
  • RO-59 - PTFE

If the coating product you're looking for is not listed above, there's a good chance that we can offer it to you.
Please Contact Sun Coating.


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